Links to webpages of friends

Walk on the Wildside - Dave Walker
Home page of Jan Parmentier
- Jan Parmentier
Foram slides - Brian Darnton
Temple of Flora
- Christina Brodie
Steve Durr's homepage - Steve Durr - Bill Ells
Droplet - Piotr Rotkiewicz
Oceanides - Karin Beaumont

The NGVM Home page - The Dutch Microscopy Club
Microscopy UK - Amateur microscopy on the web
Micscape Magazine - Monthly magazine about Microscopy
Desmids in the Netherlands - Dutch Desmid club
L.M.F. - The Light Microscopy Forum
The Quekett Club - Microscopic society in the UK
Phytoplankton image library - Michael R. Martin
Molecular Expressions - Extensive Microscopy website
Micrographia - Microscopy from down under
P.M.C.A. - Postal Microscopy Club Australia

Finn Spinn - Finn Stapelkamp (He helped designing these webpages!)
Marijn van de Waa
- Marijn van de Waa
Modern Living - H. Hoogerbrugge
Mare Luna Home Page - Mark Reijnders
Felieke van der Leest - Jewelry by Felieke van der Leest

Red and blue glasses - Ron Labbe's 3D Studio
More red and blue glasses - American Paper Optics
Rainbow Symphony, Inc. - 3D glasses and many links
3D by Dan Shelley - Dan Shelley
Pixel - Coen Holten

Dear friends. This list is by no means complete. I still have to add many URLs. Please help me by sending me your homepage URL. regards, Wim

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