"Photography is an unusual mixture of technique and perception. The camera acts as a surrogate eye, a mechanical observation-device that not enables us to capture an image. I am particularly intrigued by those aspects of photography that differ from day to day perception. This is one of the reasons why I have studied and developed optical techniques that can be used to increase the scope of our human vision. I have always been inspired by science and scientific imagery. I like to operate in a field somewhere inbetween art and science."

Wim van Egmond (1966) studied painting and photography on the Rotterdam artschool in the Netherlands. Since 1990 he works as a free-lance artist specialised in photomicrography and stereoscopy and a combination of both. These photographs were used in books, magazines, art exhibitions, installations and theater plays.


These webpages can be regarded as a visual CV.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. This is what he looks like:

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